Travel Day/Rest Day

Today was the first of two travel days of our trip (Venice to Florence). It also turned out to be an impromptu but necessary rest day, so this won’t be the most exciting update.

We took the vaporetto one last time from our Venice apartment to the train station, allowing me to capture this photo that illustrates the city’s perennial struggle against the Adriatic.

We rode a high-speed Italo train to Florence, and it had to be the smoothest train ride I’ve ever experienced—so smooth that I couldn’t even tell when we started moving unless I looked. And smooth enough that we all (minus Molly) took naps at various points.

After dropping off bags at our Florence Airbnb apartment, we were starving (or at least I was). So our first stop was All’Antico Vinaio, home of the supposed best sandwich in Florence, at the recommendation of my nephew Collin. We had La Summer, the most popular ‘wich: prosciutto, mozzarella, basil and tomatoes on ciabatta—all ingredients unbelievably fresh.

It was a day that ended in “y,” so it was time for gelato. This time, Grammy Carol joined in.

We then walked off the calories and sampled some of the sights we’ll explore in more depth tomorrow—but despite the earlier naps, we didn’t last long. We returned to the apartment before 6 PM, and everyone (again, except Molly) fell asleep on the couch. And here we remained; after going strong since Friday, we decided a rest day (what was left of it, anyway) was just what we needed.

Santa Maria del Fiori: a closer look tomorrow

Molly does not approve

Palazzo Vecchio

The Arno River

Carousel ride on Piazza della Repubblica

P.S. Happy Fathers Day to me!

3 thoughts on “Travel Day/Rest Day

  1. Collin March 20, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    I had La Summer as well! 🥪

    Looks like it’s been a fantastic trip so far – Che bella!


  2. JohnM March 20, 2019 / 9:01 pm

    What a great way to travel and experience another world! I bet Florence is beautiful. On our list… Have a great time checking everything out!


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